We offer different kind of services for any video production. Any project is different and studied to deliver the best video quality. Our reference price here give you an approximately idea how much a project could cost.


A large project (or a small one) starts with the small stuff and builds to something bigger and more complex. Our creatives can help you with writing, casting actors and finding the right location. Script $80/h Casting $80/h Location $80/h


Each project has its own specificity.There are project that you will need to use one camera and other when two cameras are necessary. We help you to figure out the best solution according your budget. The price include equipment (Cine Cameras, Tripod, Basic Lights, Lenses) One camera operator/DP half day (4 hours) : $450 One camera operator/DP all day (10 hours) : $900 One drone pilot half day (4 hours): $450 One drone pilot all day (10 hours): $900


We offer different services for the post-production. The editing video is the requested Editing video $80/h Color Correction $80/h Visual FX $80/h Subtitle $80/h